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Rack Protection - RackAware Defender

A simple innovative approach to pallet racking protection has put the RackAware Defender firmly at the leading edge of safety in the warehouse.

Modern pallet racking itself is no longer a crude amalgamation of adapted heavy weight pieces of metal arranged to store pallets. Racking is now designed and manufactured to exact tolerances with regard to the cost of material and manufacture

Where this risk has been identified and assessed best practice is to eliminate the exposure of the racking uprights to these impacts through an effective means of protection.  

RackAware Defender


The RackAware Defender (racking upright protector) is an innovative flexible protector that fits around the upright. It is manufactured from a rubber compound EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and is specifically designed to ensure that it has excellent impact dispersal and absorption qualities. Additionally, the material gives the RackAware Defender the ability to grip on to the racking at any level without any fixings.

All RackAware Defenders have a resettable impact indicator strip that shows whether the RackAware Defender has been hit and the severity of the impact. This feature is unique to the RackAware Defender as it prompts for inspection; an important part of compliance to the guidelines recommended by SEMA (Storage Equipment manufactures Association). Inspection of the upright is easily achieved by simply peeling back the RackAware Defender.

Column Guard & RackDefender 

When used with the RackAware Defender, any steel column guard is able to cope with most casual impacts. In the event of a full faced impact the steel and the energy absorbing characteristics of the RackDefender combine to protect the racking upright better than ever before.



Rack Protection Prices

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Apex Storage Systems are able to supply various pallet racking systems including the Apex racking system (manufactured in the UK by Apex Space Solutions Limited). 

All pallet racking products for sale on this web site are manufactured in the UK in accordance with the codes of practice in design and safety of SEMA (the UK Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association).








Here at we specialise in industrial storage equipment from heavy duty pallet racking to small parts storage systems. We are passionate about what we do and are fully committed to providing the right solution at the right price for each of our valued customers. You can buy racking on line at competitive prices by clicking on the BUY PALLET RACKING NOW link.
RACKING SYSTEMS - We offer many pallet racking systems including wide aisle racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, very narrow aisle racking, drive in racking, push back racking, pallet live storage and mobile pallet racking.
SHELVING SYSTEMS - We offer many shelving systems including industrial, long span (longspan), bolted, adjustable, regal 4000 shelving, carton live storage and mobile shelving.
Whatever your requirement we provide practical impartial advice to ensure you make the right purchase. We take great care in sourcing our products to enable us to offer you high quality systems from stock and suppliers such as Link 51, Dexion, Hi-Lo, Polypal, Planned, Redirack, SSI Schaefer, Linpac Storage Systems and Apex Space Solutions. Whether you are looking for pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine floors, small parts storage, racking repairs or a complete warehouse system you can be sure we will use the best products at our disposal.
Apex Storage Limited aim to develop and maintain excellent relationships with our customers to develop the right solution for each and every project - we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.
In addition to providing new systems Apex Storage Limited provide an excellent racking inspection service. Customers receive a detailed rack inspection report together with the rack inspection survey sheets clearly identifying rack damage and areas of concern. We also provide a racking repair service to compliment the rack inspections.
Apex Storage Ltd are in business to form long term working relationships, we are passionate about the products we sell and take great care and pride in the exceptional level of service we provide before and after the sale. If you have any questions or need more information on the pallet racking or shelving systems please contact us at or ring us on 0844 2577 250 as we are happy to help.
  Pallets and Pallet Types

Pallet Racking is designed to accommodate products of various shapes and sizes supported on pallets. The design of the pallet directly influences the design of the racking.

Pallets allow products to be moved mechanically; by FLT's (fork lift trucks, hand pallet trucks, stacker cranes and conveyor systems. The top face of the pallet can be open or close boarded with provision for forks created by either blocks or bearers. The gap created is generally around 110mm.

Generally pallets stored on racking have to be good quality pallets (GKN Chep or simillar) with a perimeter base. Poor quality (one way) pallets are usually not strong enought o support the product on pallet racking and either timber decks or pallet support bars are required.

Column Guards 

Apex Storage Limited provide a wide range of column guards. Column guards or rack protectors are commonly used to protect the pallet racking uprights which can be damaged by FLT's (fork lift trucks). We can offer protection to standard rack uprights using a variety of different column guards.

Our standard range of column guards are used for the protection of pallet racking uprights from impacts from FLT's or pallets. Impact damage to the rack upright can lead to critical component failure and at worst a rack collapse. 

Using our range of column guards provides protection to all standard pallet racking uprights. Select from our 2 or 3 sided column guards standard to heavy duty options. In addition to rack upright protection you can use our column protectors to protect mezzanine columns

End of Rack Barriers

End of rack barriers are designed to protect your investment from damage by fork lift trucks (FLT's). The level of protection varies depending on speed of operation and competence of FLT driverss.